Friday, August 20, 1999

I'm dead

The other me kills his boss, Bob gets killed in one of the expedition, I kill myself.

I tried to do everything in my power to stop him. I used all of my connections, but it all failed. The other me shot himself and to get rid of me... and he was sent to an asylum. Its fine if I'm gone, my legacy has been left. Tyler Durden has created the revolution; Fight Club will carry on, and the people's hope will carry on.

Friday, July 30, 1999

The other me becomes more like me

The other me has done well! He is beginning to feel the presence of myself in him and he is doing things the way things should be done. He has already threatened and blackmailed his own boss! I did the same with my bosses, so he followed suit- he still thinks that he is acting like this because of my influence, but the truth is the real him is surfacing.

I'm expecting him to become aware of who I am soon. He will no doubt try to stop me, but he can't stop himself.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Some of our projects

Some notable things that we've done in Project Mayhem:
-Someone apparently burned a building and left a huge smiley face on it
-Car dealers are experiencing an excess of bird shit on their new cars
-we scared the old geezer investigating us by pretending to cut off his balls-no more interference now, even the police is infiltrated by my members
-ATMs now randomly spew out 10's and 20's, go get them before they're gone!

Sunday, June 13, 1999

Project mayhem

1. Don't ask questions
2. Don't ask questions
3. No excuses
4. No lies

I'm taking things up a notch since the other me was going wild in the fights. He wanted to destroy this world that has so much and yet deprived him of all. I agree with him.

Fight Club members are not automatically eligible for project mayhem. Come to the house with the following:
-2 Black shirts
-2 Black pair of trousers
-1 pairs of heavy black shoes
-2 pairs of black socks and 2 pair of plain underwear
-1 heavy black coat
-one white towel
-1 cot mattress
-1 white plastic mixing bowl

There's already a couple people waiting outside. I've rejected all of them. I will go along with the Zen Buddhists: only when someone waits outside for 3 days can they show that they have the ability to be part of project mayhem. Only people that determined will be willing to carry out my tasks dutifully-and that includes the soap.

Sunday, June 6, 1999

Fight Club grows

Chapters of fight clubs have sprung up everywhere! I no longer have complete control or knowledge of all the clubs. Many club leaders have never even met me. They've come up with all sorts of ridiculous myth about me. Like how I only sleep only 1 hour a day(which is false because I never sleep, the entire me that is), or how I do plastic surgery every three years so no one would know me! I've developed several committees. And because of the overwhelming amount of members that check my blog, I will submit news and info of our group here.
So... here is the order of meeting dates:
Thursday: Misinformation
Friday: Organized Chaos
Saturday: Bureaucracy of Anarchy

new rule!
You must pick a fight with someone and lose! This will be your homework every time you go home from fight club. We need to show the people out there that they do have the capacity to win and dominate.
If you win, you SCREWED up.
No questions
No answers
Project Mayhem begins

Friday, June 4, 1999


I've always liked Marla. Ever since the other me met her at the groups. So today, she called claiming that she's gonna kill herself, the other me didn't care and so I took over and went to her aid. I ended up saving her life, and she had to keep me up all know, I don't think I need to say what we did.
I think the other me knows, but he doesn't know that he is I so he acts coldly towards Marla. As a fragment of his own soul, I know the truth, but as of right now he is too weak to hold on for himself. I must change his way of life.

Saturday, May 29, 1999

Paper Street Soap

I managed to get some liposuctioned fat from the liposuction dump. They make the best soap. It's really ironic how the same rich people that pay to get their fat removed end up buying them back in soap. That's because only the rich people can afford them. To them, we're all trash, they don't care of the way we live. That's why I started fight club, to free the courageous and hardworking laborers from being oppressed.

I'm having more members at fight club now, I will probably have them help me make the soap. Its really popular and I'm having trouble carrying out all the orders.